All profits of any purchases of books, prints, or phone cases will go, directly and indefinitely, to any of the following charitable and progressive organizations:

World Central Kitchen

NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People)

Girls Opportunity Alliance

Thank you for your support of a more just and righteous world.

Spatial Sculpture, Brand Marketing Strategy, Robotic Architecture, and Multimedia Art Studio. Also books.

If you've got any ideas on how to sell that more concisely, we're open to suggestions...

This is Studio JŌJ. There are no borders between disciplines. Work and play engage architecture, installation, narrative, research, and cinema... ever finding new ways to tell stories.

Joe (/Joey/JJ/Joj/) Jacobson initiated the studio under a strict creed of social integrity and collaborative transparency.

Joe Jacobson is an award winning robotics-installation artist and an interactive-architect, storyteller, educator, author, and new-media film maker. Recently the founder and designer of insightEXCITE, an intelligent event series within an immersive installation. Less recently, the Design Coordinator at the Living Architecture Systems Group through Philip Beesley's studio in Toronto, Canada, an active author and visual artist, and a visiting lecturer at OCAD University. Joe developed the architectural-film theory "Narrative Physics" and invented a new storytelling method known as "recursive multi-plot immersion", expanded on in his new media and theoretical work.

Collaborating brands: Four Sigmatic, Inter-American Development Bank, Legacy International, MIT LCAU and Media Lab, Mary Joe Brand, Office Party, Smilebooth, Topo Chico, Spare Label, Social House

Studio JŌJ has had the privilege of employing the following talented individuals:

Jeremy Carberry, Isabelle Deluce, Caleb DeVost, David "Howler", Tara Jade Ali-Khan, Jalisa Joyner, Tim Kmet, Kevin Lambert, Long Pan, Sabine Spare, Morgan Tebbe, Michael Tingen, Florence Wang, Haowen Wu, Nick Wu

Studio JŌJ is currently in   Los Angeles    Bangkok    Brooklyn    Toronto    Long Island City    Los Angeles

Exhibition and works history available on request.

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