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"NO STONE" is an annual series of interviews with individuals who have interacted with Studio JOJ. "VOLUME ONE" focuses on people who have charted their own creative courses in life, be it by Futurism, Architecture, Design, or otherwise. Joe Jacobson interviews these self-starting thinkers and makers, while reflecting on the common truths behind seemingly opposing views on professionalism. It's edgy, it's creative. You'll dig it.

In ancient Minoa, in the Wild West, in the oceans of Southeast Asia, and in the present, future and beyond, people of various ages and creeds bond through history over their search for meaning, friendship, and a sense of purpose. "Nomad" is comprised of six stories, wound together between time and space. Assassin becomes double agent,orphan becomes tiger, and student becomes teacher in this whirlwind narrative that stares comfort in the face, blatantly asking, "Where do you stand?" This is the first novel by Joseph Jacobson.

This is the thesis book for Joseph Jacobson's work, Neo Nomad. This document is the record and retroactive theory of the philosophy, film study, novel, screenplay, film, and immersive cinematic experience that together comprises "Neo Nomad".