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/Santurce, San Juan is currently in a state of division. Public transportation and tourist culture support the localization and "hard-line" district mentality. Pedestrian culture may be the missing variable in Santurce, in order to blend these zones and create a more 

integrated city.

/As an extension of all elements of Santurce, we combined controlled contours of Commercial/Residential neighborhoods, "organic" contours between the waterfront and the freeway, and the vegetation gradient of hardscape to softscape. These elements combine to create the language system of our hotel/park complex.

/Rhizo_phoria is predicated on the ideals of pedestrian activity; that is to say that self-reliance, initiative and accessibility are paramount to what this structure stands for. In the final proposal, hierarchy is given to the

Linear Park as a primary means of transportation, while cross-site vehicular access is submerged below the surface of this casino/ hotel/ entertainment

venue/ resort/ public park.


This project was made in conjunction with:


S. Cochran



G. Banchini


Programs Used


VRAY Rendering Software

Maxwell Rendering Software

Adobe Creative Suite


San Juan // PR


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