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/Today, we fetishize certain realms of data. And our attachment to, and reliance on digital information is growing exponentially.

/Ex_Machina proposes an architecture that is attuned with the world and itself. A dissipative and outreaching form, determined by pure causality (what we at the human scale consider “random”).

/This architecture would operate as a growing organism that can deconstruct and reconstruct itself based on the innumerable variables in and around it. The system would be made primarily of future composites of aerogel and graphene: highly productive materials with incredible insulative properties, that can change state, hold different electric charges, and decompose/ recompose at will.

/We can consider it to be 4-d printed. Like Von Neumann’s self-reproducing automata, it would be built in real time into components that in turn can change in real time.

/How does this architecture affect and possibly evolve the human condition? Through an ocular-implant interface, users (living beings) would interact with their surroundings and each other.

/If information is referenced short term by the user and the architecture, the question then lies in where is storage held long-term, and what are the implications of data remnants?

/This exploration is centered on what are labeled as fossils. As information is created in large quantities or a place remains stagnant for a long period of time, spatially spastic and functionally ambiguous objects generate from a substrate of the systems structure network. These fossils are banks for data, which remain stationary on the decomposed landscape. As the architectural stuff moves and changes, it leaves behind these monoliths of abstraction. Local labyrinths of information, that can be accessed a random number of times after being left behind.

/Then at an unknown point to whatever data-scavenging nomad happens to be accessing its vaults of information, decomposes, leaving an organic pile of ash that has no further use to the human interface.

Programs Used




VRAY Rendering Software

Adobe Creative Suite


Kuala Lumpur // MY


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