JUNE 2013


/Cak_LAB, an experimental branch of Foreward Slash( / ) spearheaded the initiative with Sci-ARC to construct the drafted concepts of Lebbeus Woods.

/Earthwave includes four parallel steel frames, each penetrated by a dense field of steel vectors that are engulfed with a "swarm" of repeating elements. The installation uses the urban Arts District as a backdrop for Woods’s dystopian vision.

/The temporary 18’x 18’, two-and-a-half-ton steel structurebuilt by SCI-Arc was unveiled on June 28, 2013. The site of theproject—a busy walkable intersection in downtown L.A.'s Arts Distric—frees it from being perceived as an object to be viewed from a distance and transforms the structure into a metric of urbanity meant to be freely moved through. In

December of 2013, Earthwave has been transported to the roof of a parking lot in Downtown LA, where it will remain on permanent display.




Project Team

Adam Orlinski

Ali Fouladi

Carlos Rodriguez

Cecil Barnes

Christoph Kumpusch

Joe Jacobson

Ryan Simons

Will Orlando