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MAY 2018


the  aqueous  project:  craft,  code,  chemistry


The Aqueous Project is the brainchild of couture Marbler Sabine Spare of spare label, and robotic Architect Joey Jacobson of studio JOJ. Marbling is an ancient pattern design technique where pigments are dropped onto a liquid surface and a monotype print is taken of the resulting design. Due to environmental conditions and fluid dynamics, Marbling is one of the last surface design techniques that has yet to be authentically replicated at an industrial scale. The Aqueous Project codes this complex craft, by proposing a robotic system that intentionally gives way to these natural forces. Through research, invention, and art, this endeavor questions the roles of the maker.


‘The Aqueon’ is the first in a series of machines that will generate art that is both mechanized and entirely unique. The evolving goal is to utilize molecular physics to undermine the uniformity of industrialized fabrication, and keep true to the “monotype” nature of Marbling. Rather than viewing technology in opposition to ancient craft traditions, The Aqueous Project uses “the machine” to expand the possibilities of “the hand”.


When a craft is industrialized, it is thought to lose the characteristics which make it unique...until now. Challenging this preconception, the Aqueous Project will automate Marbling, fulfilling the destiny of authentic, mass-produced craft.


Grant Awarded in January 2018

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